Meet Kristy

Hi, my name is Kristy Noble and I’m running to be the next Chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party.

I’m a wife and dog mom who has lived in East Dallas for the past 14 years.

For more than 25 years, I’ve been a small business owner in the Information Technology industry where I’ve assembled and led large, diverse teams on multi-million dollar projects.

I’m also a co-founder and leader of the Funky East Dallas Democrats (aka the FEDDs), which has grown from 35 to 4,500 people in just 4 years and is known throughout Texas as a leader in grassroots organizing.

Let's Build It,


Voters in Dallas County have become more and more diverse over the last 10 years yet the Dallas County Democratic Party has failed to focus on areas of the county that have the lowest turnout but largest Democratic percentages.

I am committed to leading the Dallas County Democratic Party to the next level, by winning more elections, and working to turn Texas blue. When I’m County Chair, my priorities will be:

Increasing turnout in south/southwest Dallas County, where we have the potential to gain tens of thousands of Democratic voters.
Expanding the donor base to continually fund programs all year round, not just 3 months before an election.
Transforming the DCDP into a radically inclusive organization that focuses on transparency and results.
Building a support system for Precinct Chairs and Democratic organizations that goes beyond just training.
Supporting and recruiting Democratic candidates in every district in Dallas County.